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    The enrollment process was fairly easy and everything was fine.

    However, once I enrolled on the course I was badly surprised by how rude some of the teachers are. They feel like they are very superior, and, given the fact that I’ve done a PGCE, I expected a much better attitude coming from someone who’s supposed to teach me how to be a teacher.

    The accounting team is purely annoying, even though, I have never ever been late with a payment, I even paid sometimes for 2 months at once, they would still, personally, text you on WhatsApp to remind you to pay, and then at least 2-3 emails, a fact which I found extremely annoying and unprofessional.

    After we finally completed the 3rd term, the marks they displayed online were the most inaccurate ones. Basically, everything I was marked by them, by the end, when the manuscript was released, it had completely different marks. How is that possible?

    Another awful fact was that we finished the course in October 2021 and we only got our transcripts in May 2022. Because of that, I literally lost one year of work as I wasn’t able to prove to the hiring agencies the fact that I finished my course. Also, they never bothered to keep in touch and update us about its status. They simply left us in the dark. After about 3 months, I sent an email and ask about it and they took another week or so to answer.

    Lastly, I was told, very clearly, from the beginning that the certificate will be delivered for free, only to receive an email to be asked to pay £30 for its delivery. Long story short, I paid for it and they sent it to the wrong address. I found my certificate left on the floor in a different building. The name was spelt wrong and the address was incomplete.

    Honest opinion:
    I would NEVER -EVER recommend this place to anyone. They’ve got a long way to go in creating a service worth the money you’re paying.
    If anyone wonders about the things I said, I have proof of every single thing in pics and emails. 🙂
    As I promised the management of Exeed College, I will leave my review everywhere. Mainly because they didn’t even have the decency to accept that something didn’t go as planned and rather constantly try to find excuses and blame other parties.

  • exeed college Exeed College
    Laraib Tahir

    Hi, it’s very nice meeting with Laya one of Exceed College Cources guider. I am going to start my PGCEI with Exceed College. Laya guided well and she was always present whenever I have asked any question.


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